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About Us

Itai has been on the market since 1978, working alongside prestigious international companies in the Automotive, Power Generation & Navy sectors.

Our knowledge and continuous research allow us to provide solutions for every type of use; The certifications obtained allow us to work in the aeronautical and automotive sectors, guaranteeing the specific requirements for each sector of application.

Our business structure allows us to follow every single application from the design and prototyping to the complete production on order, guaranteeing quality requirements required in the various market sectors, and a co-engineering interface with the customer.


ITAI SPA was founded in Gandino in the province of Bergamo in 1978 as a de facto company, then it became a Limited Liability Company in 1986 and finally took the definitive form of a Joint-Stock Company in 1994.

These steps have been made alongside a gradual expansion both in structural terms, by moving to Grassobbio in a highly industrialized area and a strategic point for communication routes, and in terms of staff, by going from a few units to the current 35, divided into production and research and development resources.



ITAI's goal on a day-to-day basis is to provide a complete product and support to the customer. We address this by identifying the appropriate functional solution to solve our customer's problems, all of this is done with the commensuration of the investments to the actual technical need of the application.

Our future goals are to continuously update and adapt our workflow to the latest technologies.

ITAI's work model and continuous search for the best result has a significant impact on the resulting products.


Quality is the main process during ITAI's production.
We can rely on multiple certifications that guarantee our inclination towards the best possible result to achieve our customer's goal.

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I Settori


ITAI designs and manufactures Fire Protections and Thermal Insulations for the aerospace sector, in agreement with UNI EN 9100, UNI EN 9110, PART21 e PART145 specifications.

The product development co-design phase allows us to be partners with our client starting from the design of the component that has to be insulated, to optimize both installation and cost.

Specific insulations are used to ensure lightness and thinness while mantaining high performance.

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Industrial e Oil&Gas

Design, Manufacturing and Installation of insulations for the sector Industry and Oil&Gas: ITAI is capable of providing its clients technical and design support with rigorous compliance with the final client's specifications, being able to ensure multiple production processes and the use of a wide variety of materials.

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ITAI is specialized in the insulation of high performance cars, more specifically for racing applications: ITAI's achievement in performance without aesthetic throwbacks allows its insulations to be found on supercars, in which the mechanical aspect is the main objective, but the looks ensure a great feeling in the final buyer.

The artisanal construction of the pieces allows us to produce also some unique pieces for collectors or race cars.

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