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Aeronautical and Industrial Thermal Insulation

ITAI is a leading company in the European market in the research, development, testing and production of high-tech thermal insulation systems.

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Industrial & Oil&Gas


Why Us?

Solution Providers

ITAI's goal is to be the problem solver for each of its customers by creating appropriate solutions.

ITAI wants to be the missing piece you'll need to complete your puzzle.

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ITAI can boast of the most renowned certifications in the industry.

These are monitored by the most famous bodies and allow ITAI to issue Airworthiness certificates on site.

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Since 1978 ITAI guarantees its customers the utmost professionalism, committing itself to punctuality in all its processes.

Thanks to state-of-the-art applications and technologies, ITAI is able to achieve quality and repeatability in its production processes.

The wide circle of loyal customers confirms the value of ITAI and the excellent performance of its products.

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