Rigid Insulation

Exhaust systems

Complete insulation, fixed or removable, made for aeronautic engines' exhaust systems.

Power unit

The power unit critical parts' insulation is fundamental to reach the best possible level of performance and safety: there are multiple applications, such as the protection of electrical or mechanical components, both as fire protection or flame retardant.
The applications are tested following the common regulations, such as ISO 2685 and AC 20-135.

Chassis and engine bay

The composite material or aluminium alloy's thermal insulation and fire protection is fundamental: we produce specific panels made to join together with parts such as the engine bay and the aircraft's flame arrester.
The co-engineering process with the customer benefits the optimization of the product and the best integration of the insulation into the structures.

Flexible Insulation

ACS ducts and fuel system components

Light and flexible fire protections to avoid spread of fire, crafted into thin textile sandwiches made of silica and flame resistant metals according to common aeronautical standards.
The tailor made realization permits a tight fit with ease of installation and minimal dimensional impact, the multiple parts are bonded together with bindings or snaps.

Engine bay and chassis

Light and properly fitted blankets that protect the parts made of composite materials, Applied onto elements naturally not fire resistant, to achieve the security of the aircraft in case of fire.